Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Geothermal Genius ~ Helping us get greener + Kill A Watt EZ Electricity Monitor Giveaway

Head over to Mom to Bed by 8 and win a Kill A WattEZ meter!

Geothermal heating is a great way to save tons of money!  It is a free resourde of energy and a system will heat your home at an incredible efficiency.  More info at Geothermal Genius

The Kill A Watt is a nifty device to save you money! It tells you how much things cost to operate like lamps, computers, TVs etc... You can cut your energy costs and save money. Features:

* Shows the operating costs of your household appliances
* Accurate to within 0.2%

* Large LCD Display

* Calculates cost and forecasts by week, month and year

* Built-in battery backup

* Displays eight critical units of measure

Good luck!

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