Sunday, January 9, 2011

An Amazing New Year's Giveaway from Barnes and Noble: A New NOOKColor!

Head over to Susan Heim On Parenting blog and win a NOOKColor Reader's Tablet!

This fantastic NOOKColor lets you read books anywhere, in bed, in school, you name it.  It has some really great features like weighing less than a pound, less than  half in. thick, 7" full color touch screen displaying portrait or landscape and more.  Other features are:

# personalize with your own photos

# scroll bar shows your 50 most recently read items

# create customized shelves to help organize your eBooks

# adjustable font sizes and types

# adjustable background color

# easy swipe to turn pages

# built-in dictionary: just highlight a word and look it up!

# highlighting for important text

# magazines are in full color and can be zoomed in and out

# 12,000 full-color children's books; picture books are narrated or can be read by child

# shop for 2 million-plus books!

# 8 GB of memory, which can be expanded

# lend books to friends with NOOKColor Reader's Tablets

# Android apps include Pandora (for music) and games

# password protectable

# interact with Facebook, Twitter and email

Learn more about it here at Barnes and Noble

Good luck!

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