Thursday, December 16, 2010

Craftsman & Sears Teflon Workwear Giveaway

Head over to The Mommy Files and win Craftsman & Sears Teflon Workwear !

These clothes were made for the rugged outdooors and resist dirt!  The Dupont teflon fabric protector repels dirt, grease and grime and they look good job after job. 

Their Craftsman hooded shirt jacket is heavy duty that keeps you warm and resists dirt and more.  Jacket is triple needle stiched too!

The Tee iis more sturdy thatn average t shirt and with the teflon it stays clean.  The Long sleeve coveralls are heavy duty resists dirt , grease and more.  Lots of pockets too,.

Learn more at Sears here.

Good luck!

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